Berthold Huppertz, PhD:

Interplay between placental trophoblast turnover / release and maternal endothelium response

Gottfried Schatz Research Center for Cell Signaling, Metabolism and Aging, Chair of Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology, Medical University of Graz, Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6/II, A-8010 Graz;
phone: +43-316-385 71897, fax: +43-316-385 79612,  e-mail
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List of grants:

Externally funded national and international projects (last 5 years):

Funding organization Research topic Amount funded (k €) Funding period
FWF Influence of oxygen on trophoblast during early pregnancy (with G. Moser) 217 2012–2015
FWF The role of G-protein coupled receptor (GPR) 55 in human trophoblast differentiation (with M. Gauster) 171 2012–2015
BMWFW (Austrian network and hub of BBMRI-ERIC) 3 500 2013–2018
FFG Transplant Check (MUG-PI: Karine Sargsyan) 70 2016–2019
EU Point-of-care Messgerät zur Identifizierung von Personen mit hohem Risiko für Osteoporose und osteoporotische Frakturen (MUG-PI: Hans-Peter Dimai) 4 000 2017–2021
EU Companion Diagostics expedited for SMEs 2 800 2018–2020